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Protecting Your Right To Determine The Care And Custody Of Your Children

We begin every case with a client’s goals and try to find a point of resolution for each case. If we can resolve your issues amicably through negotiation, mediation or collaboration, we will do so. If we are unable to reach a reasonable and satisfactory result, we will assert your interests at trial.

When you come to Butler, Thiessen & Metzinger, Inc. & Associates, Inc., our lawyers will discuss the facts of your case with you and give you an honest assessment of your likelihood of success. We will also explain the steps that we will take to resolve your custody issue. We are driven by your goals and focused on results.

We have more than 30 years of experience in family law issues. We have handled several hundred cases and will advocate for you. Call 209-390-8829 to learn how we can help.

Forms Of Custody In California

When you are considering the future of your family and of your children, there are two components of custody that must be determined and we will discuss these with you:

  • Legal custody — Defined by the courts as the ability to make the decisions regarding medical, educational and religious issues.
  • Physical custody — Involves where the child resides, where the child attends school, and breaks down the time frame. Visitation is also a component of the physical custody.

Parents can share equally in the legal or physical custody decisions in a joint custody arrangement. If that is not appropriate for your family or your situation, we will work with you to establish that you are the proper sole physical or legal custodian of your children as well as work out a proper parenting calendar or visitation schedule for your child’s other parent. We can also represent you if you wish to relocate with your child or prevent relocation.

What The Court Is Looking For

The best interests of the children are always foremost in any custody case. When determining custody, the court looks at among other things, whether or not the parents are involved and invested in their child’s daily life. This includes actively participating in school functions, your child’s extracurricular activities and, more generally, the amount of time you actually spend with your children on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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