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Focused, Dedicated, Determined since 1986

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At Butler, Thiessen & Metzinger, Inc. & Associates, Inc., we have represented men and women throughout the Central Valley in California since 1986, concentrating exclusively on family law matters for more than 30 years. We are proud of our reputation as problem solvers, working closely with our clients to identify and implement solutions that meet their needs.

We know that the legal process can be confusing and intimidating, and we take the time to carefully explain the law and the process, as well as your rights and options, so that you can make good decisions about your future. We will always give you an honest assessment of your likelihood of success so that you know what to expect.

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Comprehensive Assistance With All Your Needs

We work with men and women at all stages of a divorce or family law matter, from the decision to file through requests for modification of enforcement of a divorce decree. We handle all matters related to or arising out of a divorce, helping you:

  • Establish and implement child custody or visitation arrangements that are in the best interests of your children while protecting your rights as a parent
  • Put child support orders in place that comply with California guidelines
  • Determine whether alimony is necessary and, if so, how much should be paid and for how long
  • Assist you if you have been a victim of domestic violence or who have been falsely accused of abuse
  • Wish to establish or refute paternity
  • Divide marital debts and assets under California’s community property laws. We have the experience, skill and knowledge to handle high-asset, high-income divorce property settlements
  • Address same sex family law issues

Though our lawyers have significant experience handling divorce family law litigation, we can help you resolve your differences through alternative means of dispute resolution, including mediation or the collaborative law process.

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