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Is Alimony An Issue In Your Divorce?

If you are considering filing for divorce or are already a party to divorce, one of the challenges you may face is whether or not alimony/spousal support is appropriate. You may need the support for a period of time, but feel uncomfortable asking for money. If you are the payer, you may find it difficult or impossible to meet your own needs if you have to pay alimony. You want an experienced lawyer to protect your interests, someone who has successfully assisted others in circumstances similar to yours.

At Butler, Thiessen & Metzinger, Inc. & Associates, Inc., we bring decades of experience to men and women involved in alimony or spousal support disputes. We have protected the rights of people throughout the Central Valley in California since 1986, focusing our practice exclusively on family law matters matters for more than 30 years. We are dedicated to finding solutions to your differences, working closely with you to identify and implement creative ways to meet your objectives. We will carefully explain the law and the process to you, as well as your rights and options, so that you have a realistic expectation of your chances of success.

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Spousal Support In California

We will help you determine whether a grant of alimony or spousal support is warranted and, if so, identify the amount, frequency and duration of support payments. We have a comprehensive understanding of the factors the court considers when evaluating a request for alimony such as:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The age and health of the parties
  • The standard of living to which you were accustomed
  • The earning capacity of the parties

We will help you determine whether support needs to be permanent or whether a grant of temporary or rehabilitative support (until both parties have the skills and training to be gainfully employed) is more suitable to your situation. When realistic, we will assist both parties toward the goal of being self-supporting.

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