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Collaborative Divorce: Is It Right For You?

Taking a disputed issue to trial is expensive and time-consuming. At Butler, Thiessen & Metzinger, Inc. & Associates, Inc., we are ready to advocate for our clients in court, but we are also experienced negotiators and mediators. We are happy to discuss alternatives for resolving your family law issues that do not involve court appearances, trials and the related drain on your time and finances.

Not all family law matters must be resolved in court. Mediation and collaboration services are encouraged — sometimes required — as a way to resolve family law disputes. Our office in Stockton is regularly contacted for our mediation and collaborative law services. With more than 30 years of experience, we understand how to guide clients through a respectful divorce that stays out of the courtroom.

Benefits Of Divorce Mediation

In mediation, the two parties discuss settling disputes, such as child support, outside of the courtroom with a neutral third-party guiding the process. Mediating a dispute has numerous direct and indirect benefits. By staying out of court and choosing mediation services, clients save time, money and energy. Other benefits in choosing divorce mediation services include:

  • Reducing tension between parties while reaching a resolution
  • Encouraging open communication that will last beyond the mediation
  • Allowing individuals to work together to achieve their own resolutions
  • Protecting children and decreasing the strain on the family
  • Saving money and money

Elements Of Collaborative Law

Collaboration is similar to mediation in that the goal is to resolve disputes outside of the courtroom, but in collaboration, both people have attorneys advocating for their interests. The collaborative practice involves a contractual agreement that has fundamental elements. Those elements are to:

  • Negotiate a settlement that is acceptable to both parties without going to court.
  • Keep communication open and information accessible.
  • Maintain focus on the highest priorities by creating shared solutions.

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Our lawyers provide the Central Valley of California with experienced divorce mediation and collaborative services. To learn more about ways to amicably resolve your family law issues, contact us online or call 209-390-8829.