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Strategic Assistance In High-Asset Divorce

If you have created a significant amount of wealth during the course of your marriage, dividing the marital debts and assets during a divorce can be difficult. You want an experienced lawyer to guide you through the process, one who has successfully handled similar matters for other clients.

At Butler, Thiessen & Metzinger, Inc. & Associates, Inc., we have worked closely with men and women throughout the Central Valley in California since 1986, focusing on family law for more than 30 years. Our lawyers are problem solvers, working with you to identify creative solutions that meet your goals. We take the time to fully explain the law and the process, as well as your options, so that you can make educated decisions that are in your best interests.

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Our Representation In High Net Worth Divorce Proceedings

We have a comprehensive understanding of the community property laws in California and have extensive experience handling the issues that arise in high-asset, high-income divorce proceedings, from spousal support/alimony to the allocation of a family business in divorce. We know when to bring in appraisers or other forensic experts to determine the net worth of assets as well as the potential income stream of a business. In our decades of practice, we have developed strong working relationships with other business professionals with knowledge and expertise in high net worth issues.

When you hire us to assist you with the distribution of marital property, we will take the time to carefully identify all assets and liabilities and determine what value was created during your marriage, so we can accurately differentiate between community property and other assets. We will handle divorce proceedings involving ownership of all types of assets, including:

  • Real property such as vacation homes, condos or rental units
  • Complex financial instruments, from stocks and bonds to mutual funds, commodities and derivatives
  • Retirement funds, including IRAs, 401(k)s, deferred compensation and other pension accounts

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