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5 reasons mediation is a popular option for divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2020 | Divorce Mediation |

If you and your spouse are facing divorce, the prospect of navigating a possibly contentious court battle probably leaves you feeling more than a little apprehensive.

There are other options. Here are five reasons divorce mediation has become a popular alternative to litigation.

1. Private and confidential

Whereas litigation takes place in court and the process is open to public scrutiny, mediation is a confidential process that takes place outside of court. The environment is more relaxed, and the sessions are private.

2. Less expensive

Mediation usually takes far less time than litigation. There are no depositions and no need for discovery of evidence. All things considered, mediation is a less expensive process than a traditional divorce in court.

3. Open communication

The key to successful mediation is open communication between the parties. The role of the neutral third member of the group, the mediator, is to provide guidance as the parties work together to develop a satisfactory divorce agreement.

4. Better for children

Studies show that mediation is much less stressful for children than a bitter court battle. As a calmer, more respectful process than litigation, mediation usually reduces the emotional cost of divorce for all concerned.

5. Better for future relationships

As the parties become more familiar with the mediation process, they find advantages to the communication aspect. With uninterrupted time to speak and exchange points of view, the parties learn the value of communicating clearly and effectively. This is an ability that carries over to the post-divorce era. Couples are able to use their newfound communication skills to form the basis for positive family relations going forward.

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