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Collaboration: the way to stronger custody agreements

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2018 | Firm News |

Divorce is a complex and difficult process, and it can often cause disruption in the lives of the kids. Many California parents work diligently to protect their children from undue harm by drafting parenting plans and custody arrangements that will work for their unique family situation. There are various ways you can arrive at a workable out-of-court arrangement.

One way you can navigate your custody concerns without going to court is through collaboration. Collaboration offers you a reasonable, organized and respectful way you can work together on a custody plan that will suit the best interests of your children and work for your family for years to come. Before you move forward, you may find it beneficial to consider this option.

What happens during this process?

Like the name implies, collaborative divorce requires that both parties work together and collaborate on a final resolution. While you and your spouse do not have to like each other or even get along, in order for collaboration to work, both parties must commit to the process. Some things you may need to know about collaboration include the following:

  • Each party will have his or her own legal representation during the collaborative process.
  • The attorneys and both parties will meet and work through disputes in a calm, reasonable manner.
  • Collaboration may also involve professionals, such as accountants or psychologists, who will help the two parties reach a beneficial conclusion. 

Collaboration is not for every situation, but it could be the right choice for you. You may enjoy certain benefits from keeping your divorce out of court — it saves time, money and a significant amount of stress. The terms of your divorce will impact your life for years to come, and it is beneficial to be thoughtful and thorough.

When collaborating on custody, both parties will have to come to an agreement on matters pertaining to visitation schedules, legal custody, extended family visitation and much more.

A strong future for your kids 

The terms of your custody order will affect your kids, and it is beneficial to make choices based on their best interests, not temporary emotions. Collaborative divorce will allow you to craft a future that will work for your kids, meet their unique needs and provide stability.

If you are thinking about collaboration or have concerns about your divorce order, you may find it helpful to work with an experienced lawyer who can explain your rights and how the collaborative process will work.